The Space Between

album: Return To Fantasy
genre: Art Rock
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The space between © GSM 2009 in the beginning there was light and a world yet to be seenfirst the day and then the night then the space...
The Space Between
10/15/17 09:26:39AM @avmo:
The reminds me so much of Pink Floyd. Amazing vocals, musicianship and production.....Wow Wow Wow!!
Barefoot Music
10/13/17 08:00:52PM @barefoot-music-group:
Fantastic collab, epically brilliant.
11/24/09 10:47:43AM @gabriel-sabadi:
Thanks so much for all the support and the beautiful words. We really do appreciate the listens and feedback !
Farrell Jackson
11/16/09 10:25:43AM @farrell-jackson:
Well done guys! What a collab power house! There's so much feeling in this from the vocals to all the instruments....sang, played, and presented with an infectious melodic feel. The Space Between is going to be playing in my head all day. Great creation!


03/01/10 07:54:59PM @tcp:
Hey guys. Truly a wonderful song packed with all the prog goodies. The song has great emotion, both vocal and instrumental. Inspiring stuff that is great to hear from all you. Well done!!! ..Blake
11/13/09 09:10:49PM @tlt50:
Lush intro..... soundscapes,extrodinary vocals.... wonderful musicianship.
Listening .....listening.....and listening. Love the pads, guitars and superb production.I'm just admiring the talents...that shine brightly on this track. G....... S......... M brilliant work !!!!The melody lines are fantastic !! BRAVO !!! ***** A sweeeet journey guys !!
all the best,

Larry T

11/13/09 08:09:16PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
By my reckoning, later 70s prog rock was an attempt to create music that was impossibly lavish and sumptuous - you always got your money worth from an early King Crimson or Genesis album. This is true to that conception perfectly structured song, great playing, even a pedal point, sparkling acoustic guitar, even a transcendental bit at 8 minutes and a clssical bit and a guitar solo and.......! Send me off to slumber a treat and with peace. Thanks. ftlpope
11/13/09 07:02:01PM @david-c-deal:
Well isn't this the complex, soundscape beauty!! Vocals are smooth and fitting as well. Spectacular composition from three spectacular musicians.
David c Deal


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