Don't Let The Children Cry

album: Return To Fantasy
genre: Art Rock
streams: 328

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Don’t let the children cry©GSM 2011 I was only three feet tallDays were warm the papers saidI don’t recall I stayed in bedAnd I heard...
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Gabriel Sabadi Chris Moore Chris Georgiou
Don't Let The Children Cry
01/24/11 08:37:21PM @david-c-deal:
I just love the sound of the intro acoustic guitars. Nice key/mood shift at 3:00 (acoustic guitar and beautiful, delicate key counter-melody). Gabe you sound like Neil Young in that part :) "...let the rod spoil the child" great lyrical line. After 6:00, the Pink Floyd type horn followed by that wonderful guitar lead is very tasty. The buildup toward the end is very effective with the delicate conclusion. Great collab brothers.
01/28/11 04:31:44PM @cooter:
A wonderful piece of music, Gabriel, Chris and Chris! A beautifully written song. Love the instrumentation and musicianship. The lyrics are touching, and so nicely delivered with the vocals.

Always a joy listening to music this nicely done. Great work guys!


01/27/11 07:40:56AM @gary-hart:
Stellar Song Gents...WOW...Great delivery on this piece! Meaningful song with power! Fantastic production and vocals fit well together...nicely done boys...this ROCKS!


01/27/11 06:21:18PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Most amazing tune and truly professional performances, guys!! This tune will be on my show this Saturday Night Rocks!!! Just the stuff that I'm looking for!!! :)

Cheers, brothers!


01/26/11 07:09:03PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Thanks so much for the kind words Carol, David and Alexis! This song was a long time in the making and Chris Moore did an amazing job on the vocals and Chris Georgiou was not only outstanding as his usual self on the guitars but came up with a wonderful concept for our 4th number.

Our next 4 songs are going to be interesting indeed as we are testing new waters with some pretty cool commercial material :-)

01/27/11 06:54:06AM @bri-an:
Powerful production...Reminds me of the days when it took weeks/months to concieve a toon of such caliber, i can hear the effort from all particpants of this collab very clearly.
A classic format of epic... aww the days when a single note could overpower one's whole being and attention... Great proG arrangement, Chris Moore's voice has a perfect freq for the composition.... and that guitar work is fantastic. Production is off the hook.
excellent collab boys.


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