In Defiance of Daedalus

album: Mythology
genre: Electronic
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May change a bit,need some feedback here, greatly appreciated
In Defiance of Daedalus
Incarnate Word
01/20/10 11:54:43PM @incarnate-word:
Definatly an etherial peice . very thought provoking and hypnotic. Production was crip on this. very well produced.
01/18/10 10:36:36PM @genghisken:
Love the soundscapes here, excellent melodies and deep rhythms. Very professional sound, amazing productiona s always! Glad I got to hear this one the Ride with Big Pete tonight!!
David Lee
01/09/10 02:01:50PM @david-lee:
Pretty funky groove for elctronica. Good Job.
01/10/10 10:41:07PM @wilkyway:
Been listening to this over and over while reading my emails and can say this one definitely grows on you. There is a lot of phrasing and texturing that keeps the song fresh to the end. I espy. like the drum sounds. Also, I think it has just enough of the 'wasp' sound without being overbearing, although I can take a lot of "wasp"hehe. I don't know how you could make this one any better, great!
01/10/10 07:36:46AM @durod:
Love the composition and it has a really cool groove. One thing I noticed was that one or more of the synths were so "crispy" that it was creating a "static" like sound to it that kind of hurt the ears in ear cans. This could also just by my 52 year old ears!!!!! Mix is fantastic!


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