The Path IntoInner Demons

album: Collide
genre: Industrial
streams: 133

The Path IntoInner Demons

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12/29/09 09:42:27PM @genghisken:
this is a superbly blended piece, with a menacing dark undertone as it's title hints. Love the choice of voices and the haunting arrangement. Just heard this on Gezha Prime's mixposure radio show and I am very glad I did!
Jims Artificial Earth
10/07/09 02:45:55PM @jims-artificial-earth:
Lindsey, you really have a handle on that, you know: I'M-APPROACHING-THE-GATES-OF-HELL music. There's a great psychological subtext to what you do, and how you've managed to realize your ideas musically is probably something they will write a Time-Life Book to explain sometime in the future. Honestly, I think, if anyone I've ever heard could, you could really make a fortune doing film scores. And you should.


Incarnate Word
09/11/09 01:57:27AM @incarnate-word:
this is a journey into the superatural with the traces of life slowley faded into being. very creative, I always love listening to your music, this peoves to be top shelf and well produced. Thank you. Great Job.
07/29/09 06:15:55PM @zeropage:
You have some really cool sounds in here. There's so much detail. All the vocals, synth sounds and the different fx throughout the track make this a quality listen! Nice and dark electronic music!


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