Like Stardust

album: Colllaborations
genre: Soft Rock - Collaboration
streams: 101

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Like Stardust I can feel the winds of change Finding me Touching the colours of life And be who I should be This is my time Watch me fly This is my...
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A collaboration: Lyics by Mel Vocals, Bass & Drums by Papi (Paul) Keys & synths by Holley
Like Stardust
sly puppy
02/25/18 12:23:50PM @emocion:
Lovely soft intro - the singer has a soulful voice although it’s a gentle kind delivered with a touch of sadness somehow.
There’s a delicate flow to this arrangement and I’d guess it’s intentional given the theme.

A beautiful track which touches and embraces all at once.

Barefoot Music
11/22/16 02:56:32AM @barefoot-music-group:

Awesome!! Love how the piano gently intros into amazing power vocals. Splendid tune!

08/12/16 10:29:31PM @moquinn:
love this

08/07/16 06:45:16PM @hydrogen3:
Thank you! We had fun with this and took our time on it. Papi did an awesome job transforming this song into something really special. the other song posted "LS instrumental" Was the original musical tracks I presented at the beginning of the collaboration which might be nice to use both versions in a film project. We are really hoping it will land in that direction. :)
08/07/16 06:04:58PM @tlt50:
This is a brilliant collab. Pristine qualities and production. Holley superb keys and synth work. Mel's lyrics are always amazing. Papi.... vocals are incredible... *****

Larry T

Farrell Jackson
08/07/16 09:48:16AM @farrell-jackson:
I'm on my 2nd listen and it's still impressive! Beautifully done.....


Farrell Jackson
08/07/16 09:44:25AM @farrell-jackson:
Wow this is incredible! It should be a hit playing across all airwaves...like Stardust. Very impressive words, vocals and keys! You need to market this to Sam Smith.



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