Friday Night

album: 2017
genre: Modern Funk
streams: 55

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Multi loop mix with 5 Bass parts, Guitar, synths, drums. It could probably use some lyrics or make a great background track for something???
Friday Night
04/08/19 08:02:21PM @hydrogen3:
Thank you Larry 🙂It’s so nice to hear people are listening and thank you so very much for playing this on your show! ☺️
01/31/19 09:40:33PM @tlt50:
Holley, I played this the other night on my show....... people were diggin' on that bass and the groove. Awesome track. Larry T
sly puppy
05/28/18 12:16:49PM @emocion:
funk now I do love a funk groove its something that's gets the muscles twitching ...and this has all the right parts.

The high synth is a neat touch blending some high end into this deep groove...is that hammond a loop or played part ? it's blooming nice.

Nice delicate lead synth part or loop again its well placed and it adds to the overall feeling of flow from this track...

It's a telling thing though a track with this much action glowing throughout has only had one comment since 2017 !! what the hell is that about...

Creativity comes in many forms - loops or real instruments it's all creation - and this is very creative on many levels..

Read your introduction way up there...could be a deconstruct and build again to incorporate a vocal part I'm feeling a vocal inside this gem...if you wanna dance - let the bass control you - let the bass control you.....

09/07/17 12:27:51AM @tlt50:
Holley you did an awesome job on this. Creative as can be. The bass loops are wicked. Fantastic arranging and production,,, Love the funk..

Larry T...


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