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Implied Logic

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Implied Logic
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About Implied Logic
<p>Implied Logic has been steadily in existence for over 5 years, when major changes had begun to take place. Year 6 would prove to take many twists and turns. As of the present, the band consists only of the founder/bassist/vocalist, Crystal Boggess.</p><p>Previously, they were a combination of many different styles that one would never figure to blend, but somehow did. That was the magic of Implied Logic, and still is.<br /><br />The music of their individual lives had always covered a vast array of genres, therefore what they wrote and present here is a reflection of infinite texture, color, taste, and feel. Thriving on awakening and arrousing the senses. Quite honestly, this has been a blessing and a hinderance in their collective musical career, as many who have come to see them cannot categorize Implied Logic.<br /><br />You would be hard pressed as a listener to confine Implied Logic to any one genre. Genres are viewed as overated, and it is hoped to never fit any mold. Implied Logic may not be the most unusual band of musicians out today, but certainly unique in sound.<br /><br />We welcome your ears, mind, and spirit to intertwine with the offerings presented.</p><p>As of the Fall of 2010, Crystal has moved from Akron, Ohio to Lincoln, Nebraska. As such, Implied Logic will need to be rebuilt. The core of this band began as a strong combination of writing from Crystal and Ed. Since then, the whole of the writing has come from Crystal. Due to life happening, job, family, and school have taken demand on Crystal's attention. As she is a strong and determined individual, the band will rise again. However, the timeframe is yet to be determined.</p>
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