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Stone & Steel with The Motor Mouth Tully Diö

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Stone & Steel with The Motor Mouth Tully Diö

Darkland Promotions is proud to be partnered with the hottest show to hit the airwaves, Stone & Steel, hosted by The Motor Mouth Tully Diö.  

The show airs every Tuesday on 95.1 KVCM Los Angeles.  The show is a mix of rock, metal, and talk radio but done in a way that keeps you locked in for the full 2 hours... The show starts at 4pm PST and then at 5pm PST kicks off the New Rock Hour where the show showcases some of the up and coming music powerhouses... Giving Indie and Unsigned artists a chance to corrupt the airwaves and have the spotlight... Each week Tully Diö will feature 2-3 new artists with a double shot of music and then for the rest of the hour include some of the artists that have been featured previously and are in the show rotation... 

Below are submission guidelines, show information, and links:

-- Please send properly tagged Mp3's to

--Please include social media links and a brief band biography and / or news in the submission email

--Music must be radio friendly (Since KVCM is a college radio station and not an online station, music cannot contain profanity, hate, or excessive violent themes)

--Show times and dates are subject to change depending on the school's availability / studio schedule

--Due to a high volume of submissions it can take awhile to be accepted onto the show.  Artists will be notified via email by Tully Diö of show date and time including promotional posters for the artist to advertise their show feature.  

You can follow Tully Diö on Twitter here:

For more information or weekly show roster:  


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