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Darkland Promotions

By Italian Metal Queen, 2017-03-08
Darkland Promotions

Darkland Promotions is a promotions / PR company dedicated to helping Indie and Underground Metal / Hard Rock bands get heard... All services provided by Darkland are free of charge and obligation... The only thing I ever ask of artists is to continue to make the music I adore and that helps bring peace to many peoples hearts... 

Below are the links where artists can submit their music to be featured on the Darkland Promotions website... 

To be selected to be the Darkland PR featured band (monthly article / review done by myself) you can submit your information here:

To feature your YouTube video:

To feature your music player or new music release:

To advertise your upcoming show:

Be sure to check out all the artists supported by Darkland here:

You can follow myself on Twitter:

You can follow Darkland Promotions on Twitter:

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