Lying In The Sun

album: Lying In The Sun
genre: Rock
streams: 331

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Lying In The Sun(V1) I've got a bug in my eye, he's watching out for the both of usHe'll let me know if we collide, with the front of a greyhound bus(Chr) I...
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Gary Hart - guitars, bass, and drums/percussion programming. Farrell Jackson - All vocals/lyric/melody, guitar fills/lead solo, and mixing/mastering. Gary...
Lying In The Sun
Farrell Jackson
11/30/17 04:03:32PM @farrell-jackson:
This is my favorite Jackson_Hart song ! It's such a fun song and always brings a smile to my face.


02/23/14 07:35:41PM @the-jet-black-project:
Love those crunchy guitars. Lots of good stuff going on here. A real heavy rocker.
Farrell Jackson
12/19/11 12:15:55PM @farrell-jackson:
Hey Gary...thanks for including me in your musical adventure! Lying In The Sun was such a fun song to be part of......you know your guitar work and sound always inspires me....thanks for that my friend!


12/16/11 04:21:19PM @cooter:
This is slicker than grease! A ton of fun... right there on my windshield. Adding this one to my fav list.

Killer tune Gary and Farrell.


12/16/11 03:31:21PM @mizieya:
great catchy tune which really rocks with neat lyrics. But, i have to say as an Insect Rights Activist.... I am holding a Bug Memorial Service.... in memory of.... The Bug With No Name.
12/16/11 02:09:02PM @gary-hart:
What a pleasure to work with you Farrell...Your so professional in what you do! This was such a fun song to play but your lyrics, vocals and instruments really brought the fun filled song home!

Thank you for another great Jackson_Hart song!
You are the MASTER indeed!


Mista Perez
12/16/11 01:34:18PM @mista-perez:
Excellent song. Gary has some amazing ideas. The lyrics suit this fine instrumentation. Great collab guys.
12/16/11 12:42:41PM @josephrodz:
Gary kikazz and Farrell is the MASTER!
So thats why this track is a killer one for THE METAL MASTER SHOW! great lyrics and crunchy guitars.

12/18/11 05:01:08PM @bilbozo:
Great chunky guitar...great vocals...excellent lyrics with an infectious hook. This is one my fav songs by J/H to date ! Angela says "It totally Kicks Butt!"
12/17/11 01:47:38AM @saladin-de-tolosa:
Wow ! This is a real powerpop blockbuster.
You could do it acoustic as well I guess.

12/19/11 04:59:58PM @autopilot-club:
Catchy, cool & groovy classic rock - the way it`s supposed to sound. Perfect soundtrack for cruisin down the road, headed for the beach to wash off any remaining bugstains :)


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