album: Anticipation
genre: Hard Rock
streams: 219

  Song Lyrics
Anticipation (V1) A flash of lightening, the sound of thunder Don't hold a candle, to the spell I'm under My mind is twisted, my body's aching You're in...
  Song Information
Farrell Jackson - Vocals, Lyrics, Bass Guitar, Mixing Mastering Gary Hart - Music writer, All Guitars BudDrumming - Drums Farrell...Another fine tune boys!...
03/15/11 07:55:00AM @bri-an:
wow!...a great rawking toon! Gotta love it when a collab comes off like this... Great werk guys!!
03/14/11 11:04:27AM @easton-brothers:
Great track guys! REALLY ROCKIN'!!! Love the guitar tone, and the vocals are great! Keep 'em coming!
03/14/11 09:26:34AM @digger-stone:
you guys have another killer colab! hard rock at it's finest! rock on boys!


03/14/11 06:45:26AM @bbriff:
Really good energy. Rock on!
03/13/11 09:17:46PM @joel-tuttle:
i like this.......it sounds like how hard rock should sound.
03/13/11 08:02:50PM @jasonwramsay:
nice guitar work ...reminds me of the 80's metal bands ... I miss those days..milo
John R. Kennedy
03/15/11 03:26:23AM @john-r-kennedy:
This rock for sure. Great sound. Enjoyed!


03/21/11 03:01:38AM @dukartserang:
guy, I like this song.

nice. go on.

Angela Smith
03/14/11 03:57:17AM @angela-smith:
Gary and Farrell together again. Good title for the song as the word Anticipation comes to mind since the dynamic duo have been on hiatus for a song toegther. This one is worth the wait. As usual it rocks the house down. I was blown away when i heard it on Farrells CSP on Sautrday Night Rocks. Big congrats on a great song gentlemen ! - Bilbozo
Farrell Jackson
03/13/11 01:29:27PM @farrell-jackson:
Hi Gary! It was a pleasure collaborating with you and Buddruming on this rockin' song, Anticipation. Your's and Bud's experience as musicians and performers shines bightly in this killer tune!

Thanks for inviting me to participate....it was a lot of rockin' fun!


03/24/11 06:12:42PM @tcp:
ZZTop meets Aerosmith?? Fine job on the classic sound guys! ..B
03/16/11 04:52:08AM @autopilot-club:
wow, that intro really raised my anticipation.
Great guitarwork on this tune, and those basslines in the verses really does lift the tune. Really strong and clear vox here, very energetic. Massive drums sound good, with some really good fills at the end of the tune.
Met my anticipation in a good way - great collab guys!


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