Janey Neal
Janey Neal

Momma Said

album: All Purpose Music
genre: Blues
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Momma Said
tony cee
02/16/19 03:51:27PM @tony-cee:
superb blues tune cought me from the 1st notes your voice is amazing , cold listen to this all day , more tunes like this please,,,,,, cheers......tonyc
David Clay
09/24/15 10:16:08PM @david-clay:
Now this is the blues done right.... Great work!
03/03/15 07:21:02PM @robin-delorenzo:
Really enjoyed listening to this track.
05/24/13 07:54:01AM @john-frederick:
Like this you have a great voice. enjoyed listening, very cool.
06/20/13 08:38:42AM @the-truevulgarians:
Really great blues tune by you Janey. You're among the best Mix has to offer and IMHO, that's high praise! You just have the gift to sing from the heart and make every tune you do just come alive. I'm a big fan and wish you all the success you deserve!
05/28/13 06:30:58PM @vig-wig:
While I'm slow, late and kinda confused half the time, like some millsI grind slow but fine. I'm glad I got in on this song and echo everything that's been said. This is indeed raucous blues and gumbo. vic
Lyrical Princess
06/27/13 03:03:25AM @lyrical-princess:
This is one of the first songs I've heard from you.. Always enjoy my listen.. Better listen to what "Momma Said".. She sounds like a very smart lady.. Love everything about this song.. You go girl!!

Warmest Wishes For A Very Happy Birthday!

05/23/13 12:06:15PM @david-c-deal:
Good to hear from you again Janey. Miss that sassy voice of yours.
05/22/13 03:21:37PM @kalola-kiss:
Janey so nice to see you back in action here at the mix.
You've done some mighty great stuff with this track!


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