Double 007 Just Me > For Mixposure ! JDB !

genre: Blues/Rock
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Hoping One Of You Great DJ's Can Use This For Intro Or Good Night !!  This Was Sent To Me From A Friend From Greece ! My Instrumental Version !!  Thanks So...
Double 007  Just Me > For Mixposure !  JDB !

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03/26/18 04:58:30PM @jimmydeanbrooks:
Hey Brother Larry, Thanks Man, Just Trying Too Keep Us With YOU !!! Love Ya Man !! You Rock !! JDB
03/18/18 03:17:51PM @tlt50:
Well Jimmy, you definitely rock my brotha'. Awesome groove loaded with amazing musicianship and mad skill. Thanks for sharing this with us. :) 8| ***** AwwwwOooooooSOME!!!


03/18/18 07:50:21AM @jimmydeanbrooks:
Than You Tricia And All The DJ’s Of Mixposure For Your Wonderful Friendhip And Support !! You Give Us Pride And Enjoyment At Every Show You Conduct!!
Tricia C
03/18/18 07:00:28AM @tricia-crawford:
We are indeed such a great family! Salute back to you and awesome great rock and blue feel from the get go! Loving the jive and groove! Awesome instrumentation! <3
03/17/18 06:57:30PM @jimmydeanbrooks:
What A Family We Have Here At Mixposure, I Salute You All !! JDB !!


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