Song With Out A Name ( By) Jimmy Dean Brooks

genre: Blues/Rock
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Song With Out A Name  (By)  Jimmy Dean Brooks !  One I Wrote Years Ago !!  Just Me And A Old Backing Track !! I Am All Other Instrumentation !!  Memories !!!...
Song With Out A Name  ( By)  Jimmy Dean Brooks
carol sue
03/18/19 05:39:25PM @carol-sue:
Song without a name it is! :)
Will enjoy listening again...

03/18/19 05:32:37PM @jimmydeanbrooks:
Many Thanks Carol, I Think Song Without A Name Is A Good Title For It !!
carol sue
03/18/19 11:27:01AM @carol-sue:
I just knew I would be listening to excellent music. ;)
::guitar chills!:: Wow, you have that something special going on!!
Something Special Going On.. I put my title vote in the hat too! haaa!
~Bravo, Jimmy!~

03/18/19 10:39:00AM @jimmydeanbrooks:
Many Thanks Farrell, I Truly Appreciate Your Support And Friendship!!
Farrell Jackson
03/14/19 03:54:11PM @farrell-jackson:
Some real nice guitar work here Jimmy ! I do like the chords and structure as well.
03/13/19 04:55:26PM @tlt50:
Jimmy, I can't remember how many times I've changed titles on an instrumental tune depending on the occasion and or the mood I was in. LOL :) How about "Memories" !!~!
03/13/19 04:14:25PM @jimmydeanbrooks:
Hey Brother Larry, Thanks Buddy, I Still Haven't Got A Name For It. LOL !!
03/12/19 05:45:42PM @tlt50:
Always love those hidden gems, Jimmy. Great chord progressive with stellar guitar playing.
03/12/19 10:34:27AM @jimmydeanbrooks:
Thanks Tony I Really Appreciate Your Kind Words!
tony cee
03/12/19 08:04:19AM @tony-cee:
nice .sounds great , super mix , love the lead guitar ,.....cheers tony cee
03/11/19 07:00:36PM @jimmydeanbrooks:
I Wrote This One Many Yrs Ago In Syracuse, NY !! I Never Got To Finish It. I Think I Will Leave It Alone Now !!! JDB !


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