Jims Artificial Earth
Jims Artificial Earth
Jims Artificial Earth

From The Gallery (new Anubis Spire Track)

album: Spooky Action At A Distance
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 154

  Song Lyrics
(From The) Gallery Another broken dream for my collectionMy best options slip awayAnother warning shot from my positionThe new regime takes it's rightful...
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http://kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX00RMUTT2http://kunaki.com/DigitalSales.asp?PID=PX00RMUTT2 The entire CD is available from the above links.   Written By...
From The Gallery (new Anubis Spire Track)

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03/27/17 05:50:54PM @red-sheppen:
Nice Anube collab - really like the guitar in this and of course your vocals Jim are so recognisable.
Had my foot tapping away to the flow of this track.

Farrell Jackson
03/16/17 03:25:48PM @farrell-jackson:
You know I like to rock Jim and this does a fine job of gettin' the rock on. Cool O.D. guitar work and I dig all the chord changes!


03/04/17 06:25:01PM @lodato:
Such originality and musicality. i know, all these ity's. Personally I am in the perfect mood for this cool tune. Feels like ur on the road.
03/04/17 11:56:13AM @waveman:
most recognizable musical style on the net and thats pretty damn cool. nice change ups there I liked, the guitar is slammin! ...bye...
Gary Shukoski
03/04/17 01:57:32AM @gary-shukoski:
Cool cool track, man! Love the rockin out here. Love your deep voice here. It works great as a kind of narration to the song! David Lee Roth also does this a lot and it sounds really cool.
Tricia C
03/01/17 07:09:54PM @tricia-crawford:
Very rocking & how unique and cool lyrics! Great job!
Jims Artificial Earth
03/01/17 02:40:58PM @jims-artificial-earth:
Thanks, Michael and Ron! Hopefully the fun we had is right out there musically with these songs. More to come.
Mista Perez
03/01/17 01:20:58PM @mista-perez:
Love the recording of this. Nicely done and catchy as heck bravo JIm.
03/01/17 06:58:19AM @ronbowes:
Gritty guitar. Rawkin'! Like the title of the album btw. Cool job!


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