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Jims Artificial Earth
Jims Artificial Earth

Anubis Spire--Throwback

album: Spooky Action At A Distance
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 88

  Song Lyrics
Just a throwbackOf no use latelyJust a rejectCut loose and crazy I'm too primitive for your cardsI'm too dangerous  in large crowdsBut hey, I'm kinda...
  Song Information
This one features Marlon Kempmann on lots of stuff. He does all the vocals, the lead guitar, and a whole lot of mixing to make this one sound so cool. 
Anubis Spire--Throwback

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04/27/17 08:54:40PM @red-sheppen:
I can relate to this one lol
I really enjoyed this
this verse is cool writing
I'm too blue for your clouds
I'm too dangerous to be allowed
Out of my cage on the freeway
Thanks guys - more please

Tricia C
04/05/17 09:00:10AM @tricia-crawford:
This is a wonderful tune and the lyrics cry out for people to understand and support everyone! That too is my philosophy! Great rocking music in a melodic tempo! Very nice and enjoying listening! I need to memorize lyrics and join in (alone ;) But need a DJ down!oad at some point if possible! Thank you!
04/05/17 03:41:34AM @cooter:
Way cool, dudes!


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