Jims Artificial Earth
Jims Artificial Earth
Jims Artificial Earth

Funky Monkey (Written By Grand Jury)

album: Artificial Earth
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 332

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Has anyone seen the monkey? What the Hell's he doin' with a cocktail waitress. Wait, I don't wanna know. He's here. Go monkey! Can we get a pitcher of...
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Jury Rosenfeld, that legend of music and mayhem, wrote the music for this and I did the lyrics and voice. It's probably the most fun I've ever had...
Funky Monkey (Written By Grand Jury)

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08/19/15 05:03:50PM @mosesjones:
Nice Song. Loved It!!
Lyrical Princess
06/27/13 02:58:43PM @lyrical-princess:
As much as I've enjoyed this song in the chat, as many times as I've requested it.. I can't see anywhere on this page where I've noted my appreciation for it & your willingness to play it for me.. Bad, bad, bad I am.. I've just gotta say, the lyrics are Awesome.. And you did a great job on the vocals.. Such clarity.. Grand Jury did an Amazing job with the music too.. I think this is a really fun song that should be played at least once in all of the chat radio shows.. :) It's a chat classic!! I love it.. (And that's what really matters to me), as the listener ..hehehe It deserves way more than just 5 ***** , I don't know why (I) should be limited..LoL I'd give you so many more.. So, I'll give what I can.. Thanks for the D/L (taking one, in case I don't already have it) won't hurt to have a back up copy anyway!! ~ Linda ~
Luca Wulf
10/10/10 08:05:01AM @huge-artist:
This for me is an internet LEGEND song.
It is right up there with Bri-an's "Rat and "Breathe"
I'm not sure how much merit it stands for,but it is also one of only 3 independent songs on my little old mp3 player.
So it sits beside the likes of Led Zeppelin and the likes.

I said it was Legend.
Well for it is.
It marks a time and place when everything on the internet was in sync.
Peoples mood,musicans inspiration,right location and above all the feeling that we all shared the same path.

From beginning to end it just shines.
Jrry is masterfull at music creation,whatever he turns his hand to,but here I feel he excelled himself in delivering the full package.

And you Jim :)
Simply the best,most complete,most realistic lyric narrative, witha delightful blend of humour and outstanding entertainment

10/10/10 07:20:25AM @cooter:
Dude, I'm still swinging from that vine.

Lovin what you're doin, Jim.

06/18/09 06:04:28PM @gve:
Hey Jim!---Heard this one on KED's Show and was blown away just stopping by to show it some love. Absolutely Great!
01/19/09 09:44:46AM @blue-sahara:
Jim - how can a day, heck - a week go bad if you start it with 'Funky Monkey' :-)
I've always admired your musical approach, the hilarious lyrics and the beat you create to go with them. Very unique, very innovative and creative.
Never got to thank you for providing such musical gems to your audience!

12/06/08 08:31:33AM @the-autumleaf:
Outstanding Music Here ....... came to listen again many times such cool groovy tune ...What a solid production this is ....Is in my all time Fav list.
Jay From The Autumnleaf

10/30/08 06:27:50AM @mike-kohlgraf:
Yeah, Jim and Juri - this is very cool!!! Played this numerous times on my SNR shows here on Mix Radio! Absolutely love the tune!!!


10/30/08 05:33:16AM @dazed:
Jim this is great. Musically speaking - outstanding! Love the harp on it and that great bass line. Also there is just some sweet guitar playing on here. Lyrics are cool as hell. This is just a great fun tune!
Jims Artificial Earth
10/30/08 12:21:00PM @jims-artificial-earth:
Hey, Juri, this keeps up we might get some hot dates with really good lookin' women with fast cars!!!


Juri R
10/30/08 12:27:42PM @grand-jury:
Hot women,fast cars ??!!!! Oh,man,-why we are here with this bizniz ,anyway,if not for them ? Juss Kidding.../and not,- at z same time....LoL!
10/30/08 09:44:44AM @mark-reed:
This is brilliant, I'd never heard this before, your style is unique. really enjoyed this. well done
10/30/08 12:18:51PM @the-autumleaf:
Just like a movie !!!!!!!!!! Wow So Visual it was Lovely Piece of music
this is a real great musical show


Jay From Autumnleaf

Juri R
10/30/08 12:16:12PM @grand-jury:
Would like to thank you,Jim,for your incredible part in this one!Unique,man!!
Jims Artificial Earth
10/30/08 12:31:54PM @jims-artificial-earth:
I understand what you sayin', Grand J. But it never hurts to have one around with a fast car and spending money.
matt morrow
10/30/08 07:10:12AM @matt-the-hatt:
this is cool as !! loved everything about it !
nice one !!


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