Joseph J
Joseph J

Harley Honey

album: Rock Songs
genre: Rock
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  Song Lyrics
HARLEY HONEY by Joseph J   (VERSE) The girl's a harley honey a smokin' playboy bunny She loves a harley man with a 59' pan Lookin' for a hardtail one that's...
  Song Information
Written during a tough lonely winter.. Rockin' harley road trip, boy meets girl... Fun! Harley  Honey by Joseph J  All Rights Reserved. 2007
Harley Honey
07/03/11 09:51:30PM @jciliom:
Nice song to groove to and ride. The musicianship is awesome. Very well put together. Sort of bad in a good way. Great work! Peace and Blessings
07/03/11 08:36:02PM @bri-an:
i remember this toon..very good writing/theme/delivery.


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