Josephrodz & Pete Jon Tebar - Bambalaye

album: collab
genre: Classic Rock
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  Song Information
1st guitar solo by - Pete Jon Tebar 2nd guitar solo by - Josephrodz
Josephrodz & Pete Jon Tebar - Bambalaye
carol sue
04/11/19 08:00:36AM @carol-sue:
I've heard this many times in the past...
You two are amazing~ love this track of talents!
WoW~ Bravo!! *****

OH, and thanks for your recent visit! :)

03/22/18 04:27:27PM @josephrodz:
Thanks so much for your comment Farrell!!!
Farrell Jackson
03/22/18 04:05:45PM @farrell-jackson:
I absolutely dig the guitar work in this! The solo trade offs keeps it real interesting without becoming mundane. That middle break was genius! The change in the outro solos to the shorter riffing keeps the excitement going strong. The finish with the vocals and percussion was totally unexpected but it was the icing on the cake....well done amigos.....Pete and Joseph !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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