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@carol sue, 09/25/17 11:36:44AM
An honor to know you, and to have done so many collaborations with you, Joseph~ A fan forever, I am, I am! ((Bless you))
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@MoQuinn, 11/03/16 10:34:02PM
always a great show from the Metal Master ~ I am not finding the song you spinned ~ you & Lodato - Slip Away ~ I will look on his page
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@lostjoes, 07/01/16 06:37:14PM
hey joseph what a great show last night and thanks so much for your support....oh and what was the name of that albom/band you played that was some awesome music!
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@stephen graham, 04/10/14 09:52:22PM
thanks for the kind words mate all the best from down under..
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@TeresaWilliams, 12/06/13 10:59:36AM
Hi Joseph! Thank you following and (WOW!!) for playing "Did You Tell Her"!!!
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@Mel Hayler, 12/05/13 06:04:52AM
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@songdoc, 11/17/13 02:49:23PM
Thanks for the review Joseph (and the dj download)
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@kitmann, 11/10/13 08:22:22PM
I purchased the silver plan and up loaded 23 songs. 10 from my first cd A CRY FOR HELP, and 13 recorded so far for my next cd Guitar Mann. Take a listen to Soul Taker Blues re-mix, No More Color, and Cry for Help. I think these songs would work well on you Metal Show. Hope you have a great day brother.
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@DJ.WaPer, 11/01/13 05:31:44PM
Hey Mr. DJ !!!

I have 2 new tracks uploaded recently, ready for your radio show. Feel free to use them if you like them. Best regards from northern Serbia!

Mirko aka DJ-WaPer
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@bri-an, 10/07/13 06:39:09AM
HaPpY BiRthDaY J-rod Hope a 1958 sunburst Vintage Gibson lands in your hands!!
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@hooyoosay, 10/04/13 07:32:48AM
Great tunes and great playing you have!
And thanks for following.
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@vigwig, 08/31/13 06:44:15PM
howdy senor Rodriguez
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@BucTheGreat, 02/08/09 09:10:39PM
Boo! Shall I be the first to sign his masters guest book!
Yes, I shall allow! lol... :) Well done my friend, well done!