Watch The World Go - Billy Playle

album: Riding Highways
genre: Christian Rock
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For I sit in back And watch the world go Aiming all my efforts Toward the forefront so   The Connections made And the collisions had Bring about some...
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Watch The World Go by Billy Playle (pronounced Play-el, with lyrics by Julie Day) is part of JD&A's (Julie Day and Associates) Riding Highways Album...
Watch The World Go - Billy Playle
Lyrical Princess
04/14/15 10:45:00PM @lyrical-princess:
So much selfishness, not enough selflessness in this world. Love the message in this song. And I love what you're doing. One act of kindness can go a long way. Imagine if more people thought more about others than they do themselves ? THis world wouldn't be such a sad place to be. I really enjoyed my listen. Thanks for sharing!

All The Best,

Barefoot Music
04/07/15 09:39:55PM @barefoot-music-group:
Hey hey!! Happy to see you're here. Welcome JD&A


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