Justin Jones Band
Justin Jones Band

Ready for You (with Rick Kresiak)

album: In Heaven
genre: Classic Rock
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Ready for You (with Rick Kresiak)
Incarnate Word
03/18/10 12:34:54AM @incarnate-word:
What a very cool jam. I wanna jam. this is great it has that 80's Guitar feel. It sounds like you grew up listening to Kiss. Man I am a Huge Kiss fan This is frigging great. excellent arrangement and great vibe. great Job.
02/11/10 02:39:27PM @bri-an:
Great example of a pop-rock toon (there not so easy to write huh?) I can only listen to a 24 kbps stream (lo-fi) so i am zoning in on the "content" of the song alone.
Having Rick doing some flying on this..was a good call!!
I always know his playing in any toon.
I was being reminded of the song styles and vocal influence of Billy Idol/Ramone's/ very nice work...bet it was so easy to pull off.

Farrell Jackson
04/18/10 11:08:00AM @farrell-jackson:
JJ, you know I like pop rock and this one is a rockin'! The opening crunchy rhythm has a nice growl to it. Uh oh I hear a recognizable guitar sound....go RWK! Great line "I hate myself for lovin' you". Ready for You....good song!



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