Justin Reinert
Justin Reinert


album: Embark
genre: Alternative
streams: 96

09/07/11 09:04:47AM @bri-an:
I'm just hearing this off the front page without info...
Firstly...it's a challenge to dominate with a piano lead/rhythm to hold the base of the toon together and consistent, so BIG kudo's going out for your there Justin. The energy level is really enhance solely by the drummer alone.
...which is fantastic in future structure for this arrangement.
The vocals sound fresh and could do with some relaxed moments at times...but, hey..you sure can hold a velocity perfectly with the power output of the instruments.
...there's mention of abbeyvilleR involvement ? yer in good company then
got the drive going on. and its a well written song.
great stuff!

09/07/11 06:43:15AM @mel:
Hi Justin, really love your vocals. Abbeyville Road are really getting some stunning artists together. Super instrumentals, enjoy the piano and lyrics are great. This would be nice in a slower version too I think. Wishing you well with this, Melsi


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