Justin Reinert
Justin Reinert

I'm Me

album: Embark
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 136

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Lyrics: H. Tarnecky, Music: B. Tobias though once a slithered formi stand erect transformedto ask this question at your easemy blood once cold now warmmy...
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Special Guest: Ange DiGeronimo (drums) I wish to thank Glenn Arpino who did the drum recording at The Womb. He remains the best of friends and an...
I'm Me
09/14/11 04:51:23PM @cooter:
Fine tune, Justin. Nice piano work. Sweet vocals/harmony. Enjoyed listening.


09/09/11 05:51:48PM @heather-and-ronnie-gibson:
This is great! The song is strong and so is the production. Very good bass guitar playing. The piano is awesome and overall I get a great vibe from this song. Great job and keep the faith!


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