On the Mend

album: Kara
genre: Ballad
streams: 183

  Song Lyrics
  Wrap my heart around youI'm strappedI'd do all thatTo wrap my heart around youI'd go back Where I did wrongSo damn wrongWrap my heart aroundI'm open to...
On the Mend
07/14/13 01:39:03PM @the-truevulgarians:
Very cool song! Great mood created on this one as well. Jim's vocal projects an urgency that really adds to the end result. Wonderful work on this Kara!
07/05/13 12:35:45PM @ron-kauffman:
Very well done track. Soothing and to the point. Peace, Ron
07/05/13 05:51:54AM @kara:
Thank you everyone for the comments. Still amazes me how this song turned out. Jim & Isa did a wonderful job! I can not say what is in store for the future, but there are more songs being worked on :)
07/04/13 06:33:14PM @the-truevulgarians:
This is a very cool song. Excellent contributions by all involved. Love the Barry White style front vocal on this, yeah, Baby! "Open to heal, open to feel" pretty much sums up being "On the Mend".
07/04/13 03:36:58PM @tlt50:
Kerrin....superb instrumentation with delicious production. Jim's additions as well as Isa's are remarkable.
Tremendous work by all involved...."Kudos" :)


07/04/13 10:07:55AM @gene-smith:
You already know my opinion on this. This is an absolutely mesmerizing piece of work right here my friends. Absolutely love the use of the sound field here, all parts are amazing and Isa's vox add such a beautiful layer. I just love this track!


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