When Tears Pours Like Rain (Acoustic Ambient)

album: Love & Peace
genre: Fingersyle Guitar, Classical, Acoustic, Instrumental
streams: 26

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When Tears Pours Like Rain is created, it was done with an ambient effects feel to it. Just like rain, it is as similar to tears. From the effects, it tells...
When Tears Pours Like Rain (Acoustic Ambient)
08/09/15 05:01:37AM @kazushi:
Thank you so much for listening, commenting and downloading this song @Barefoot-Music. I am honoured by your words. ^_^
Barefoot Music
08/08/15 07:05:59PM @barefoot-music-group:
Beautifully ambiance you create in a stunning acoustic style that I feel viscerally, just gorgeous as Cheryl said, I echo her.
07/31/15 01:31:21PM @kazushi:
Ty Cheryl .. for the sweet words.. :)
07/31/15 01:27:20PM @cheryl-nye:
Gorgeous! :):):)


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