American Mnemonic

album: Demo Songs From "Thirteenyeartyger"
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 28

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Spotlight on Dannielle The RedI miss her as much as any of my beautiful friendsMiss Julya hasn't seen her in yearsI can't imagine her living these days in...
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I'm probably going to refer to this as my "Bauhaus/Love & Rockets" song in years to come. Created in about 5 hours on 2/23/18. 
American Mnemonic
02/28/18 12:59:08PM @blue-sahara:
Hey there! Welcome to the best Indy music has on the net, Khris!
This is very interesting. Very unique, very innovative. Something you don't hear much these days.
Post-Post-Punk, perhaps?
Lots of potential here, Khris! Perhaps, get a bit louder, a bit more upfront, and perhaps a few background instruments? Those are mere suggestions, not critiques. I love this.


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