Soul Taker Blues re-mix

album: Guitar Mann
genre: Rocking Blues
streams: 112

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Re recording of Soul Taker Blues from the A CRY FOR HELP cd. More guitar driven, hard rocking blues music of a deal with the devil.
Soul Taker Blues re-mix
09/15/14 12:37:43AM @kitmann:
Toni, tlt50, and Bill, thank you all so very much. I am really glad you liked this song. I wanted to put a spin on the old selling the soul at the cross roads. So in this song, a man hears a guitar coming from the woods ands says he would trade his soul to the devil to play like that. He gets his wish but finds out too late that...yes he can play guitar like that but only in the woods. And he trapped there until someone else comes along wishing the same thing. Thats why in the last verse he says stop...turn around and run away like I wish I could. Thus the lesson you must work hard for what you want.

Barefoot Music
09/13/14 07:40:10PM @barefoot-music-group:
Perfect my Saturday rocking' Blues tune for me....and perfect for my show featuring great guitarists like you Kit, both this track & Guitar Mann.
07/12/14 08:01:17PM @tlt50:
~AwwwwwwwwwwwwOooooooooooooooooooSOME~ *****
07/12/14 10:15:29AM @the-truevulgarians:
I know this tune has been around for a while, but I heard it again last night on Mixstream Radio and wanted to let Kit know what a great rockin' blues tune this is. I like everything about the song... from the driving blues riff to the sweet vocal performance. Kitmann, the guitar man!


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