Open Waters Blues - Kit Mann Ft. Harry Edgar

album: Guitar Mann
genre: Acoustic Music
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  Song Lyrics
Chorus:  I navigate these open waters blue, I'm sailing straight to you.
  Song Information
This is a song I wrote for my neighbor Doc Greene.  His Daughter Beth has sang on several songs of mine.  Doc was a man of two loves.  The love of sailing...
Open Waters Blues - Kit Mann Ft. Harry Edgar
06/26/15 12:25:22AM @uncaged:
Another song right to the soul. Love this
02/16/15 10:39:00AM @kitmann:
Thank you so much Jim. Since this song was written for Doc and Donna Greene, my neighbors I really worked hard on trying to project the love of the waters and his wife. Doc had to sell his sailboat and he misses it very much. Ever since I moved here Doc Greene has always treated me like a son, since he had 3 daughters. Donna who sings in the Choir at church loves this song so much she listens to it every day. Just knowing that they both love the song and how we recorded it is like gold for me. Again thank you Jim so very much brother, I am so happy that you enjoyed the song brother :)
09/23/14 05:05:58AM @kitmann:
Toni I'm so forgetful sometimes. What day is your show on and what time. I'm in eastern time zone.
Kit <3

09/22/14 09:59:37PM @kitmann:
Toni I really want to thank you from both me and Harry. You know since the song is about the love of a woman and the sea, I thought Harry's vocals would be awesome for this song. Give it a little Scotish love. I wrote this for my neighbor Dr. Greene and his wife Donna. They are the parents of Beth Vanover who sings on my songs also as you know. I just think with Harry singing the lead and me doing the harmony this love song came out so nice. Dr. and Donna are always listening to this song. Again thank you girl, you are such an awesome person. Love Ya Sis <3
Barefoot Music
09/22/14 08:56:30PM @barefoot-music-group:
Each & every listen Kit brings on that sense of Frisson...doesn't diminish no matter how often I hear Open Water Blues. Think on this track it's the vocals that really grab me. Just wanted to say thank you Kit & Harry... and thank you always Kit for your generosity in sharing your music with the world. You are a unique person and I am proud you call me friend.
Barefoot Music
06/24/14 12:16:21PM @barefoot-music-group:
I'm again touched by your story telling Kit. I had somehow missed this one track, now it's at home in my library with all your others. I like the authenticity Harry's vocals lend to the lyrics and style.
05/08/14 07:06:40PM @kitmann:
Ebs, I want to thank so very much for your comment, again thanks :)
04/27/14 11:58:37PM @kitmann:
Thanks Doc I am so happy that you enjoyed the song. I realized that I posted all my songs at one time and a lot of the song have not been heard. So I reposted the song in hopes to find one person that really enjoys the song. Thank you Brother.
04/27/14 06:06:53PM @david-c-deal:
Most enjoyable and meaningful song.
04/27/14 03:03:35PM @kitmann:
Thanks very much Gene. I really wanted to do a song that was special for Doc and Donna Greene, and just knowing they love the song is the best.
04/27/14 02:28:03PM @gene-smith:
Very nicely done. I am digging this
04/27/14 12:45:26PM @kitmann:
Thank you so so very much Farrell. I really think that Harry's accent really brought a lot to the song.
Farrell Jackson
04/27/14 10:53:54AM @farrell-jackson:
An excellent song and I like the sentiment of the back story that's caught in the lyric. Nice work fellas!



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