Larry Nalls and Friends
Larry Nalls and Friends

If I Was a Cowboy

album: Liquidians
genre: Americana
streams: 58

  Song Information
Liquidian collaboration: Lyrics: Steve Rupert and Larry Nalls Composition: Jacki Wheeler and Steve Rupert Vocals: Steve Rupert
If I Was a Cowboy
12/20/16 02:56:55PM @larry-nalls-and-friends:

Thank you Gary Shukoski.

Gary Shukoski
12/20/16 01:26:14PM @gary-shukoski:
Just found this under "new artists". Great job man. Nice track and welcome to MIX!
12/04/16 07:52:59PM @tlt50:'s great to have you and your music at the Mix.   This is an awesome collab.    

AwwwwwwwwwOoooooooooooooooSOME !!

All the best,

Larry T.....

11/21/16 12:53:07PM @larry-nalls-and-friends:

Thank you for the nice comment and for the welcome. This was a collaborative effort with Steve Rupert and Jacki Wheeler. I was mainly the instigator and cheerleader and co-lyricist.


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