Lilly Mason
Lilly Mason


album: Follow the Sound
genre: Indie/Soul/Alternative/Pop
streams: 50

  Song Information
Written and performed by: Lilly Mason (Vocals/Acoustic guitar) Engineered by: Lorne Hounsell (Central Audio) Toronto, 2013 Band: Ken McDonald- Upright Bass...
05/31/14 06:04:24PM @gene-smith:
I agree 100% with Farrell. Interesting and very nice vocal. Lots of space in the song nothing seems crowded and the trumpet is very well done and an unexpected addition. Very nicely done!
Lilly Mason
05/28/14 04:40:11PM @lilly-mason:
Thank you Farell!
Farrell Jackson
05/23/14 05:35:18PM @farrell-jackson:
Excellent voice and song! I like the sparse verses and the way it picks up in the chorus...real nice trumpet!



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