Come stand beside me

album: bars
genre: Acoustic
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come stand beside meoh my baby nolacome stand behind memy baby nolawhen I'm without youI'm incompletewhen I'm with youeverything issweetsweetsweetso sweetand...
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Well, ya knew I'd put one out after my return from my beloved city on the Mississippi. Originally recorded on my iphone but I'm sick of those crappy...
Come stand beside me
Farrell Jackson
05/23/14 05:42:23PM @farrell-jackson:
It's good to hear you've fired up the studio again Lodato! I always enjoy listening to your original style and this one is in that same vibe. Nice!


Michael Stone
05/23/14 04:27:42PM @michael-stone:
A songwriter's song .... Well done Lodato! Everything is sweet with this... Can't be too sentimental... I live by that!
05/20/14 02:29:51PM @lodato:
Thanks Gene and Ray for your kind comments.

05/20/14 01:53:08AM @gene-smith:
Really loving this one Rich! Very nicely done.
Ray Pitts
05/19/14 10:05:58PM @ray-pitts:
"Playing from the gut since I could communicate" .. I love that! .. listening to Come Stand Beside Me .. really enjoy the longing in this song .. beautifully done!


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