ah ha

album: and then some
genre: Ambient
streams: 22

  Song Lyrics
come back to the old wayscome back to the way they werea fount of wavesof memories what I hear, what I heard...and all my life I gave so farmore to you and...
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written and performed on some night when all was different.
ah ha
03/04/17 07:33:25PM @tlt50:
Rich...I always enjoy your creativity , masterful guitar work and vocals. Well written and produced. SUPERB *****

Larry T

01/05/16 07:35:05PM @outoforbit:
Beautiful Guitar work here! The vocal work is way cool!
bill b
01/03/16 03:53:01PM @bill-b:
I like this piece Ah Ha, with an all round unified feeling. Everything works well with the lyric and the vocal harmonies; which in a good way reminded me of a few bands I like from the past, perhaps XTC or early 90's YES(Talk) -a very good, enjoyable listen.


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