devils cry

album: lazy times
genre: Folk
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come my wayI'll show you a way out of herewhere no one can see uscome my way and I'll show you a wayno one cares to follow uswe all know the waywe all know...
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Essence had me rethink the mix so I cleaned it up a bit. When the darker side calls, better watch out! no, this is not about devil worship but the devil...
devils cry
05/23/13 12:04:53PM @david-c-deal:
Interesting, almost free form creation. I do love that voice of yours.
05/23/13 12:42:12PM @bri-an:
(about this song) kool analogy , the orchestration scares the shit out of me when playing it out on the BIGGINS in the studio here, Crazy good stuff. wow. B.


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