seaside heights and me

album: 2nd life
genre: Acoustic
streams: 22

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Seaside Heights and meI'm too neurotic for sleepbeen smokin and drinkin to the heapit's fun ya know all in allI dig these really really days of nightsdays of...
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This is about when i was 15 and got my first car. FREEDOM! a white 65 bug. I would take it to the sea at 3am to catch the sunrise over the Atlantic. I was...
seaside heights and me
Farrell Jackson
05/02/17 07:46:45PM @farrell-jackson:
Rich as I was listening to your creative presentation I began to hear and see the image of the teenager in his white bug watching the Atlantic waves roll in.....thanks for the ride!


05/01/17 04:34:34PM @lodato:
Gee Bill, that put a smile on my face. Next Saturday I will be interviewed live here.
bill b
05/01/17 12:04:42PM @bill-b:
Well presented with natural artiistic brilliance of a Mixposure mainstay-Lodato
frees the sounds from within in wonderful form in its spontaneous natural simplicity.
Good music like this can only please those listening to indepentdent music in this 21st century. Wonderful, and many will enjoy.


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