No Saint

album: No Saint
genre: Alternative
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I'm coming cleanI won't fake it anymorethere's something hereworth fighting foryou thought me strangeyou thought me insincereI've gotta changeAnd I'm oh so...
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No Saint
05/25/20 09:58:14AM @bad-love-junkie:
RIch this a beauty of a song. Just discovering this. Passion to spare my friend!
Love it

09/17/16 09:50:01AM @ronbowes:

Love this Rich. Rich sound - no pun intended. Great vocals, my friend.

02/21/11 01:44:05PM @bigpete:
Anther great listen and as a pop producer this has a great pop structure to the melody, this has all the making of a hit song, great anthem feel to the build up in emotion of your vocal performance, and your vocals are the star of this track, with a very emotional tone that gets to us, great work, another Lodato for my show.
02/17/11 07:03:40AM @the-humps:
Sorry I haven't been by in a while Rich, life just gets in the way sometimes. I certainly miss listening to your great tracks and this one was not a let down, just love the effects on your vocals. Pretty chilled out track and I like the percussion you added. Guitar tracks were nicely played and have a great tone, semi hollowed body? Well anyway, just great!


02/16/11 07:28:59PM @cooter:
So cool. I love this. Great guitar sound and vocal. Wow. Such a well written piece of music. Diggin the instrumentation choices, too. A most enjoyable listen, good sir.


02/22/11 03:29:10PM @songsofdave:
I enjoyed everything about this ... and especially your singing when you go into overdrive. Thanks very much.
02/21/11 06:22:18PM @the-bard-brothers:
Your voice has a Bare Naked Ladies timbre. This is the first song I've listened to... do you put effects on all your vocals? I'd like to hear them cleaner, as it seems powerful and would fit with the lyrics... "come clean". I'd also bring the volume down on the first chord as the effect is as bit too jarring. Acoustic solo needs to be miked to get the full resonance of the guitar. I may sound harsh here, but this is a beautiful tune and would benefit from "less is more".


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