Silly Dream (Feat. Carol Sue)

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Silly are my dreams of a white picket fenceand our child playing in the back yardSilly are my hopes that someday we could shareour child's love in our...
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This music was originally called Spiral and was written and performed by The London Project in 2003. Lonnie decided that we needed to modernize the song and...
Silly Dream (Feat. Carol Sue)
carol sue
09/09/18 10:52:42AM @carol-sue:
Now I'm going to have to go listen to your music!
Thanks so much guys, your support is memorable. :)


@lonnie ~ again, thank you!
Really enjoyed doing this song with you guys!

09/06/18 11:39:01AM @lorne-reid:
Great driving pace and guitar work. Lyrics tell a story easy to relate to Carol!!! Dig it!!
09/03/18 10:03:34PM @tlt50:
What a fantastic storyline behind the way this all came about. :) Outstanding rockin' track Lonnie, and the combination of lyrics is amazing. Sweet rockin' vocals Carol Sue. Bravo you two. *****

Larry T.

carol sue
09/03/18 09:21:48PM @carol-sue:
Thanks for visiting this tune, so much appreciated! Enjoyed listening in on some of your tunes tonight as well! :) Another thanks going out to Lonnie, Don + Josh~ sure nice doing this song with you!!


Farrell Jackson
09/03/18 06:54:53PM @farrell-jackson:
Rock on London Project and Carol Sue ! Quite a story about the dream Carol Sue...nice work by all !
09/02/18 11:20:16PM @lodato:
Funny how two old works find each other and magic happens.
09/02/18 08:31:12PM @david-c-deal:
Solid rock folks. Most enjoyable.
carol sue
09/02/18 05:43:45PM @carol-sue:
There is a bit more story behind this song... Two different songs come together, being the subject,lol.
I had started to write a few lyrics for this instrumental music that Lonnie had kindly shared with me. I also wanted to try and sing the other lyrics he had wrote, so I had those printed out as well.
Stepped up to the mic to try and sing... but I had left on my music stand from the week before- my lyrics to an old song that I've been wanting to revise, entitled Silly Dreams.
Uniquely enough.. I started to sing my old lyrics entitled Silly Dreams from 2007 that were in front of me.
Word for word, they seem to have fit perfectly to Lonnie's music piece.
Btw~ that was a real dream that I had, lol!

Glad that you liked enough to work with this!
Nice surprise to see you have shared this today, thanks Lonnie!
Pleased with the results of two different songs coming together as one.
Lonnie, thank you again for sharing with me, your wonderful music and friendship.

Thanks for listening @ronbowes + @gary-hart :)

09/02/18 05:37:32PM @ronbowes:
Very tight Rocker. Great vox from the gal herself. Cool collab!
09/02/18 02:25:06PM @gary-hart:
Oh this is wicked cool!! Awesome guitars and production...nicely done on vocals CSK...enjoyed this track!! Rock on!! 👍


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