Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

If You Were Given Anything

album: Tripolar
genre: alt rock
streams: 28
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If you were given anything you could ever want, what would you ask for. Would it be for you? Or would would it be for me? If everything you ever dreamed...
If You Were Given Anything
05/18/18 09:45:51AM @lorne-reid:
Thanks for the feedback and comments Tricia, they will help me get better on my mixes. Truly thank you for your support!
05/17/18 08:08:54AM @ronbowes:
A hazy dreamy effect to this track. Good work Lorne.
05/15/18 01:01:35PM @lorne-reid:
Thanks Farrell.
Farrell Jackson
05/15/18 12:59:48PM @farrell-jackson:
I like the laid back, looseness of this song. The vocal style here reminds somewhat of Mick Jagger (a compliment). Good stuff!



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