Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Gutter Funk

album: Tripolar
genre: alt rock
streams: 77

  Song Information
Music - Lorne Reid- Guitar, drums, bass Lyrics and vocals - Ron D Bowes- Harmonica, Guitar Kevin Melendez-Duke- Guitar
Gutter Funk
05/28/18 04:12:39PM @lorne-reid:
Thanks a Ton RS!!!!!
05/28/18 04:09:52PM @rs-cain:
Very funky and tight rocker right here! Love the vocals and guitars are killer. Nice arrangement too, this one's got it all!!
Farrell Jackson
05/22/18 10:25:30AM @farrell-jackson:
Right on Lorne and Ron! A real mover and rocker with some cool change ups. Nice work musically and vocally!


05/22/18 08:38:49AM @lorne-reid:
Thanks Gary! Ron wove the perfect story for this dirty piece!!
05/22/18 08:31:31AM @gary-hart:
Nicely done Gents! Great vocal addition Ron and Lorne your music is fantastic!! Enjoyed the listen! 👍
carol sue
05/21/18 07:13:14PM @carol-sue:
Fantastic tune from two very cool rockers!!
::encore:: :)

05/21/18 06:05:06PM @lorne-reid:
You always find a way to bring a song to life. Thank you
05/21/18 04:41:48PM @ronbowes:
Enjoyed working on this one Lorne. Funky!


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