Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Rum and Coke

album: Tripolar
genre: alt rock
streams: 48

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Feat. Jon Tessier
Rum and Coke
07/04/18 03:18:54PM @serious-music:
Megagood song with super chords. Also the vocals are matching so well. Love it very much.
06/24/18 07:00:36PM @lorne-reid:
Thanks RS. Appreciate the comments and comparisons.
06/24/18 12:26:53PM @rs-cain:
Pink Floyd and David Bowie jamming with Alice Cooper's band?
I mean that in a most complimentary fashion. This tune takes me in so many directions, all of them good, and mostly unexpected.
Smokin' guitar, cool lyrics, bad attitude. What's not to like?

carol sue
06/24/18 11:06:14AM @carol-sue:
Rum and coke never tasted so good!
Cheers on this tasty tune!!


06/23/18 11:56:52AM @lorne-reid:
Thanks Dace.


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