Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid


album: Tripolar
genre: alt rock
streams: 29

08/11/18 11:57:24AM @lorne-reid:
Thanks Farrell. Experimenting is fun!
Farrell Jackson
08/11/18 10:59:17AM @farrell-jackson:
This is very different compared to most of your previous songs. I like it when an artist heads in another direction....that's when things get real interesting. This is a fine creation Lorne and I dig the bass work !
08/11/18 09:17:44AM @lorne-reid:
Thanks Ricky. It is a different track for sure. Have a new version coming soon with some vocal changes to make it a little tighter.
08/11/18 07:23:26AM @wricky:
hats off and hi 5's for this very creative piece , I like it when the bass gets out front early and sets the pace ,then those solid guitars and vocals can color outside the lines and still sound way cool and cohesive , and the mix is top notch as well.


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