Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Real Purpose (Feat. Farrell Jackson)

album: colabs
genre: alt rock
streams: 80

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Colab with Farrell Jackson and Lorne Reid
Real Purpose (Feat. Farrell Jackson)
01/10/19 04:27:59AM @freudian-slip:
Nice clean mix and production. Cool vibe all round. Guitar is cool and well placed in the mix. Nice work from all involved.....Bruffie
09/17/18 03:30:37PM @ronbowes:
Another great clab guys! You work well together :-D
09/14/18 10:38:21PM @wricky:
This definitely cooks along with a ready for radio pro sound and also brings to mind some of my favorite vibes from the James gang days. A cool listen for sure!
09/13/18 11:50:07AM @lorne-reid:
Always a pleasure to have you finish and elevate my songs!! Thank you!
Farrell Jackson
09/13/18 11:48:19AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks for the invitation to collaborate on this song Lorne. It's always a pleasure to work with you. Great guitar playing and writing!



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