Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

World of Hurt (feat. Carol Sue)

album: colabs
genre: alt rock
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Music by Lorne Reid- Vocals and lyrics by Carol Sue
World of Hurt (feat. Carol Sue)
carol sue
01/20/19 05:02:59PM @carol-sue:
Busy song-bee, lol! Thanks @ronbowes, you're so awesome!
You be lapped? .. no way!! I'm hustling trying to keep up with you, lol! ;)

I like this mix too, Lorne! Rather the original version I had recorded to.
Also like the version with Lonnie doing the production, too.
A girl can never have enough tracks! hehe..

Thanks again for trusting me to write and sing to your amazing music, Lorne!
Hope to do another with you some time. Keep rockin' on!!

01/20/19 08:58:06AM @ronbowes:
Cool job you two. CS is a busy girl. Come to think of it 8$RUM is busy too. I think I am about to be lapped...


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