Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Concept of Time (feat. Farrell Jackson)

album: colabs
genre: alt rock
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  Song Lyrics
Concept of Time   In the concept of time, Yesterday is gone Today is the focus, Today is the nexus But tomorrow brings the promise, of things to come...
  Song Information
Music by Lorne Reid Lyrics and vocals by Farrell Jackson Bass by Alain Levesque
Concept of Time (feat. Farrell Jackson)
carol sue
01/27/19 12:57:15AM @carol-sue:
Crank it up... I did! Dream about tomorrow, I shall. ;)
Awaiting the live band~ y'all rocked this so great!
~Bravo!! *****

tony cee
01/26/19 04:46:49PM @tony-cee:
fantastic mix love the sound of the drums , great voice , love the lyrics ….cheers.....tony cee
01/23/19 03:20:44PM @pianoman-one:
Great songwriting. Impeccable production and clear lyrics.
01/23/19 03:09:57PM @lorne-reid:
Thanks Larry. Your comments and support are greatly appreciated Sir!!!
01/23/19 02:44:07PM @tlt50:
Yes, this turned out great. The production is pristine. Excellent songwriting and arrangement.Awesome groove....... another fantastic collab guys.
01/22/19 04:50:43PM @lorne-reid:
Thanks Farrell. You always add a dimension that is unique. I look forward to the next song that you elevate to the next level. Cheers!
Farrell Jackson
01/22/19 01:22:21PM @farrell-jackson:
The mix and production turned out great Lorne! It's always enjoyable collabing with you because there's always some anticipation on what style the song will become when it's completed.



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