Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Kicks (feat. Ron Bowes)

album: colabs
genre: Zoo Punk
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Kicks (feat. Ron Bowes)
02/13/19 07:54:27AM @ronbowes:
Thanks @tony-cee @farrell-jackson and @carol-sue. Lorne is always capable of surprisng me ;-)
carol sue
02/12/19 09:49:25PM @carol-sue:
Stoppin' by to take this rocker for a spin.. as I did say I would come by and check out this new tune tonight. Ta-dah, I'm here! :) Zoo punk~ fun genre choice, cool title and lyrics.. spot on performances, and the cover, hahaa~ smile maker there! Enjoyed!!

Keep rockin' guys, a fan I am, I am!

Farrell Jackson
02/12/19 06:48:37PM @farrell-jackson:
I knew there had to be some punkers in that bag of tricks of yours, lol! A cool collab Ronbo and Lorne...variation is a good thing. Now I want to hear some disco.......
tony cee
02/12/19 02:57:58PM @tony-cee:
great song love the vocals ,, sounds like ron , very punkish ,fantastic nice mix ……..tony cee


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