Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

What Ya Wanna See

album: Stoned Headphones
genre: alt rock
streams: 56

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See What Ya Wanna See Lorne ReidFeb 25/2019 It’s been said the truth will set you free, even if you don’t believeThey say that fate controls our lives,...
What Ya Wanna See
carol sue
02/27/19 07:52:41PM @carol-sue:
Really like your vocals in this, the over all song itself.. good vibes.
pulled me right in and kept me there. Way to go!!
~Bravo, Lorne! *****

tony cee
02/26/19 02:07:52PM @tony-cee:
super tune lorne . fantastic guitar work and great vocals love it cheers tony cee
Farrell Jackson
02/26/19 10:06:25AM @farrell-jackson:
Very well done Lorne! I like all the backing vocals and the panning/effects...great clarity on all the vocals. Some cool guitar in there also....excellent mix and production!


02/26/19 09:59:02AM @lorne-reid:
Thanks very much!
02/26/19 09:55:00AM @dirtzilla:
Nice work, I Love well produced tracks and you stole my heart with this one. Thanks



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