Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

I'm Still Here

album: Stoned Headphones
genre: alt rock
streams: 39

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I’m Still Here Another morning , wake up, I’m still in chains and Itry to whisper when I, when I need to screamClose my eyes and try to make it through the...
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are people in a coma still aware?
I'm Still Here
04/25/19 01:02:34PM @ronbowes:
NIce one Lorne!! The music machine turns us on.
carol sue
04/25/19 07:49:04AM @carol-sue:
Happy you are still here making great music~
because you're awesome!!

04/22/19 11:53:58PM @tlt50:
More stellar songwriting Lorne. Vocals are great and the lyrics hit home, I think we've all been through some of that. Super musicianship and production take this to the top shelf. Well done Sir. *****

Larry T.


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