Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Comfortable (feat. Farrell Jackson & Drc )

album: colabs
genre: alt rock
streams: 50

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Lorne Reid -guitar, drums, Vocals and bass Farrell Jackson- Guitar and vocals Drc- Keyboards
Comfortable (feat. Farrell Jackson & Drc )
05/11/19 01:48:48PM @tlt50:
Fantastic collab guys. Well written and performed. Outstanding talents hangin' together in this track. It's good to hear some Dr.C keys. :)


05/10/19 07:56:53AM @waveman:
hey guys this is cool, the arrangement has a good feel and the vocal work compliments the changes. slide and keys were a nice add to the mix. the lyrics were well written for the song, good stuff
carol sue
05/08/19 07:25:44AM @carol-sue:
Wonderful song and all!
Nothing like feeling comfortable... ah, yes.. nice.
Congratulations, Lorne + Farrell~ Bravo!! *****

05/08/19 04:50:39AM @ronbowes:
Heard this on the raydeeoo last night. Very cool track cuzn's. Has a different vibe for you two too.....as opposed to wearing a tutu!
Farrell Jackson
05/07/19 03:43:21PM @farrell-jackson:
A cool song and mix Lorne! Thanks for the invite to participate on this song...it felt "Comfortable" .



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