Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Time Will Heal (feat. Farrell Jackson & Drc)

album: colabs
genre: alt rock
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  Song Lyrics
Time Will Heal    They say that time will heal If that is so why do I feel ill I never really got to say a proper goodbye Didn’t get to see you just...
Time Will Heal (feat. Farrell Jackson & Drc)
Gary Dabrowski
05/29/19 10:48:48PM @gary-dabrowski:
very good!...I like it mucho...
bill b
05/20/19 05:45:07PM @bill-b:
A good song, the instrumentation in parts has a synthy psyc/ progressive near experimental quality/sound that I always enjoy. Its nice overall mix that it kind of airy and not too thick. Just right.
Farrell Jackson
05/20/19 10:49:46AM @farrell-jackson:
Thanks Lorne for the invitation to be part of this song. Your songwriting and guitar skills are fantastic!
carol sue
05/20/19 08:47:04AM @carol-sue:
Fine tune and talents!

05/19/19 08:01:20AM @lorne-reid:
Thanks Farrell and Drc for your amazing contributions!


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