Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Shine The Light (Lorne Reid and Carol Sue)

album: colabs
genre: alt rock
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Shine The Light (Lorne Reid and Carol Sue)
12/07/19 12:08:00PM @lorne-reid:
Thanks Carol and all who listened and commented!! Really appreciate the support.
carol sue
12/04/19 08:45:23PM @carol-sue:
Thanks again @farrell-jackson ! :)

@pete-tebar - Tried to listen to your song posts.
Your page is set to private. Good to see you again..
Let us hear you! lol

Farrell Jackson
12/03/19 11:13:33AM @farrell-jackson:
Hey here's another fine collab that I missed.....well done Lorne and CSK!


carol sue
12/01/19 09:37:40AM @carol-sue:
@ronbowes :)
I love busy in music!
Thanks for the spin!!

11/30/19 06:28:51AM @ronbowes:
Carol Sue is a busy lady. Top notch clab you two. Great stuff!
carol sue
11/25/19 10:59:49PM @carol-sue:
@tony-cee - Love your visits my friend, thanks so much!
Sure enjoy hearing your wonderful music too. :)
@lorne-reid - Loved writing and singing to your music.
You impress so much!! Thank you!

tony cee
11/25/19 01:20:55PM @tony-cee:
great tune lorne love the guitar work , and love those drums superb , great vocals and lyrics by carol sue, fantastic stuff ......cheers tony cee


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